Besides roses, there are some beautiful ornamental plants for gardening. One of these flowers is the orchid flower. Most of the orchid types are beautiful and use as ornamental plants. If you love gardening in your home, then you can add orchids as one of your plant collections. There are many types of orchids in the world, and I will explain some of them here.

1. Orchids based on the growth place.
In this category, there are some orchids, which are specifically living in certain places. Some of them are:

Soil orchids: This orchid life and grows on the ground. Some of them are: renanthera, rynchostylis, vanda sp and aerides

Epiphytic orchids: This type grows by riding other stems or plants, for example: phalaenopsis sp and dendrobium sp.

Saprofit orchids: These flowers grow easily as long as you have good fertile grounds containing compost or organic fertilizer in your garden. Some of them are calanthe and goodyera sp.

Litofit orchids: This is a unique type of orchid, because it grows on the rocks, for example, cytopdium and paphiopedilum.

2. Orchids based on the growing of flowers.
Some types of orchids have unique and different ways to grow their flowers. This can be classified into one of their categories in the world. Some of them are:

Krante orchids: This type will grow the flower stalk from the rod tip, for example, epidendrum and arundia.

Pleuranie orchids: it will grow the flower stalk from the side rod; some of them are vanda and arachnis.

3. Orchids based on stem growth.
If you ever go to the orchids garden, maybe you have seen some orchids with tall stem. If you have, then this type is including in the third category.

Monopodial: As I explain above, this type will grow their stem upward as tall as possible. Some of them are renanthera, arachnis and rynchostylis.

Simpodial: This type only can grow their stem limitedly at certain sizes, for example, oncidium, cattleya and cymbidium.

4. Orchids based on places to grow perfectly.
Several orchids need special places for their growth phase. Some of them need high places with fertile soil but the others only need medium or just low ground to blossom perfectly. For more detail, I will explain below:

Orchids that grow on 0 up to 500m above the sea are perfect for endrobium and arachnis. For phalaenopsis, dendrobium and oncidium are suitable to be planted at 600 up to 700m. The last one is orchids that need to be planted in the high area or above 700m. Some flowers of this type are cymbidium, cattleya and phaleonopsis.

So, these are some of orchids categories that usually choose as ornamental flowers in the garden. You should choose one of these flowers based on your area, so you can get beautiful flowers in the blossom season.


How Beautiful Can Your Outdoor Space Be?

The answer to the question of How Beautiful Can Your Outdoor Space Be is only constrained by your imagination. Putting aside your budget for a minute, think of how you would really love your garden to look. It doesn’t matter how large or small your garden is, if you have any outdoor space there are many ways to utilise it so that you can get enjoyment from it for most of the year. Of course, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere with the right climate then there is no reason that you cannot be enjoying your garden all year round.

You will need to give some thought to what you actually want to use your garden for. Do you want somewhere to relax, to entertain, does it need to be family friendly. You might want lots of vibrant colours or even prefer to mix flowers and vegetables. Would you prefer raised beds so that you don’t need to bend over when you are weeding. Do you need wider pathways for wheelchair access. No two people have exactly the same needs, and no necessities should preclude something from looking good.

Some things that you might want to consider are a decking or patio area. Then do you want this area to be open or enclosed. How about a pergola or arbour over part of it. This could give you a nice shady area to escape the full glare of the summer sun. Then of course you could have a barbecue or outdoor kitchen at the edge of this area. Wouldn’t it be great to eat outside when the weather is good, even better if you can cook outside as well. You might want to fence this area off. Do you go for timber, brick or stone. Keep it muted, natural colours or paint it something vibrant and vivid.

Another consideration is outdoor lighting. If the weather is nice then you want to be outside as often as possible. Use the right lighting and you can stay outside as late as you like. Things to think about apart from general mood lighting are do you have any features in the garden that would be enhanced with lighting. This could really raise your outdoor space another level.

What about heating when it is a bit cooler. Would a fire pit look good in your garden. Could you take advantage of hard landscaping and get a stone wall and patio area to soak up the sun during the day, then this will slowly release the heat later on when you want to sit outside.

Have you thought of outside furnishing. What colours and styles do you like. How durable does it need to be. Are you going to leave the furniture outside or will you be putting it under cover when not in use.

That’s an awful lot to be thinking about, then of course you will still need to consider your budget. Are you the sort of person who has not only the imagination to picture all of this, but also the ability to bring it all together within your specific budget. If so, then get planning and go for it. Get it done and start enjoying your new beautiful outside space.

On the other hand, if you are not sure how to get started (or you just don’t have the time) then you don’t need to give up. You can always hire the services of a Garden Designer. If you use a local firm, then they will know what your local growing conditions are like. They can advise you after listening to what you want as to what your best options are. Do you want the best person to plan and build your ideal outdoor space. If so, then talk to your local Auckland garden designer Pasley Park Landscape Co:- .


Roof Gardening

Life in metros is very busy with lot of hustle and bustle. The people are literally crammed in the cities and the city breathes in lot of pollution. Plants and trees in the courtyard are distant dreams in the city. The city is the garden of cement and concrete and there is no place for trees. But there is always a solution to every problem, what if one cannot have a courtyard and enjoy the cool breeze. One can definitely have a roof garden (terrace garden) where one can sit and relax and enjoy the greenery soothing to eyes. The company of the nature will bring back your ebullience and the tiredness will vanish in the thin air.
You can create your own roof garden which is a type of indoor gardening. But certain things should always be taken into consideration while making it. See to it the roof on which you want to create your garden should be strong enough to carry the weight of the garden. The terrace should be slapdash and the drainage system should be very effective with no leakage of water in the roof garden. If these condition are fulfilled you can choose any of the garden design pattern from the Social Patterns, Natural patterns, Archetypal Patterns or Aesthetic Patterns
Once the garden design pattern is chosen the work will start with the five primary compositional elements of garden design, it will begin with the planting design, then the landform design, water design and paving design and the design of any other structures if you want to include will be added in the end. A detailed plan is very essential to start with, and execute it in an effective manner. The roof garden should be proportionate with lawns, small trees, ground covers and shrubs. If you want you can include the concept of rock garden or terrace garden or make a structure to provide shade. Choose the Fiber-rooted plants as the roots of the Tap-rooted plants grow through the building and causing damage to it.

Go for the appropriate soil type for your roof gardening. The soil rite or peat moss is best for such type of gardening as it does not exerts pressure on the building. This type of soil is very costly and it is better to use blended with garden earth or manure. For perfect drainage system you will need to do roof garden construction. The construction must be done with burnt bricks as other bricks turn to mud and collapse the drainage system. This can spoil your garden. Place these bricks evenly on the terrace, or corrugated sheets can also be used for the same purpose. Put a net lawn on the top of the bricks, preventing the soil getting into the bricks.

If the garden is more than 500sq.ft then construct drain at various places and put several pipes leading to main hole and properly cover these pipes. Prepare the mixture of soil first and then put into the pot as per the required quantity and then sow the selected indoor plants.


I’ve been gardening for more than 30 years and have quite a bit of experience when it comes to growing green beans. Over the years, I’ve tried growing many different varieties. Since I like canning beans to store in my cellar, I’ve narrowed my favorites to the ones that taste the best after being put through the canning process. You might think all green beans are the same, but they all have their differences.

Tenderette Bush Beans are by far my favorite type of bean for canning. They are a stringless white seeded bean, have a great flavor and hold their form well when canned. They also produce very large crops. If the plants are kept well picked, the plants will continue to produce a large crop until frost.

Golden Wax Bush Beans are also a good bean for canning. The flavor is good, and since the beans are yellow, they have a slightly different taste than the usual green bean. They produce well, are stringless, and are easier to pick than green ones. They are easier to see on the bush since they are yellow. They also hold their yellow color when canned.

Since I’m getting older and don’t like having to bend over to pick bush beans, Tenderette and Golden Wax are the only type of bush beans that I grow. All the other varieties I’ve tried in the past failed in comparison. I’ve never found any pole beans that I like as well as Tenderette bush beans when canned, but I plant them anyway. I grow them mainly because I don’t have to stoop as much when picking them. Pole beans take a little longer to start producing than bush beans.

Kentucky Wonder is a pole type bean that cans well and holds its form fairly well. It does seem to lose some of its flavor during the canning process. It is a brown seeded bean, and are stringless when picked when young. Keep them well picked and they will produce until frost kills them.

Blue Lake Pole Beans are a white seeded variety that cans quite well. It holds its flavor and shape when canned. They are stringless when picked young, and will produce until frost when kept well picked. Blue Lake pole beans are my favorite type of pole bean for canning.

White Half Runner Pole Beans are my least favorite of all due to the fact that they have heavy strings. Even when picked very young, they tend to have some strings. The only reason I plant them at all is because of their unique bean flavor. They are a white seeded variety. The vines don’t grow as high as most pole beans, so they can be grown along a waist high fence instead of on poles. They hold their flavor well when canned. The seeds from mature beans also dry well for winter use.

If you have only had canned beans from the grocery store, you don’t know what you’re missing. Home canned green beans out shine store bought beans. There really is no comparison in quality and flavor.


Until recently, indoor growers only had traditional mechanisms of indoor hydroponic growing with high heat bulbs such as high pressure sodium, metal halide, and more recently, compact fluorescent. The light bulb would provide massive amounts of light, measured in lumens, to replicate the sunlight necessary for photosynthesis which drives vegetative growth and flowering.

These lighting sources provide white light, which is the combination of all the colors in the visible spectrum put together. The problem with these traditional lighting sources is that they are inherently inefficient and waste a great deal of energy in the form of excess heat and light in the visible spectrum which is not beneficial to indoor growing. For example, the green spectra is not necessary for photosynthesis as green light is reflected and does nothing to the plants (green light bulbs are good to use when you need to enter your grow room during the sleep cycle of your plants because they will not be detected by the plants).

Although different plants have different lighting requirements (orchids have different light needs than cannabis plants), most plants flourish with only a limited range of light – reds, orange, and blues. This is because various processes and chemicals involved in photosynthesis respond most readily to these bands of light. Unfortunately, only about 15 percent of light emitted by HID/CFL bulbs is available in the bands of light needed for photosynthesis.

This is where LED technology makes the photosynthesis of indoor grown plants a more efficient process. Hydroponic LED lights concentrate their diode ratio around the reds, oranges and blues, along with the weighted value of other spectra needed to get the optimal blend for a particular plant. By concentrating on the wavelengths actually needed for photosynthesis, LED growlights can save a tremendous amount of energy as compared to high pressure sodium bulbs. This is why a 300 to 400 watt LED growlight can replace an entire 1000 watt high pressure sodium or metal halide system.

Furthermore, the LED grow light does not need a ballast assembly because the power supplies are built into the panel. If you start adding up all the capital and operational savings, it is easy to see why LED grow lights are becoming the future of hydroponic gardening.

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Many terms have come to light surrounding high quality teak. Two of these are -old growth- teak and -plantation- teak. Teak is a high quality hardwood which is grown in several countries in Southeast Asia. Being that from the time of planting to the time of harvest is fairly long, the return on teak trees can be a long time coming. In fact, some families in Indonesia plant teak as a retirement investment for their young children.

Sometimes, there are companies which exploit the demand and try to pass off a lesser-quality teak (or other wood labeled as teak) to buyers looking for a good price on high quality teak furniture. This is the case for some sellers selling -plantation teak.- This wood may or may not be grown in Southeast Asia and may actually come from South or Central America. Certified Southeast Asian teak is grown in sustainable farms or plantations and is heavily regulated by the government (especially in Thailand).

When purchasing teak from South or Central America, you are not getting the same quality nor the same sustainability of teak from Asia and these sellers should be treated with some level of caution. The wood from these -plantations- is usually very good, but doesn’t have the same level of quality as the true teak.

Genuine and high quality teak is very hard, with a straight grain (some variation happens when harvesting the sapwood and the grain may be more curved) and have a slight and pleasant aroma. The distinctive scent of teak wood is often described as the scent of vegetable oil or of leather. This scent comes from the teak oil in the wood, which has been described as -liquid gold- since this oil gives teak many of its qualities – bug and rot resistance among others – which make teak so desirable.

While the initial quality and appearance of teak chairs made from Asian and South American sources may appear the same – or in some cases the South American teak may actually look better, this is not always the case. There have been reports over the last several years of -dipped- teak coming from several sources, South America being one. This teak is dipped into a chemical which coats the teak, seals the oils in and gives lesser quality teak a more uniform color. This wood is truly inferior and is often marketed as -A grade- at a bargain price.

Whether you decide to buy South American or Asian teak, make sure that you are getting the best wood possible for your price and if it seems too good to be true – it usually is!


What exactly is organic gardening and why would you want to do it?

People who choose to go the organic route, when it comes to growing their own food, think of their plants as part of a whole system within nature that starts with the soil and includes the water supply, compost, wildlife and insects.

An organic gardener tries, as much as possible, to work in harmony with nature and not use such things as synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their plants, and also to continually replenish any resources that the garden consumes.

I have outlined seven tips below to help you get the most from your organic gardening efforts.

1. Compost can easily be made from kitchen and other garden waste. Though this is more time-consuming than buying prepared chemical pesticides and fertilizers, it certainly helps by putting garbage to good use.

2. Chemicals that may have an adverse affect on your health are not used during organic gardening. This is especially important when growing fruits and vegetables.

We are told by the chemical companies that the chemicals and toxins we use are safe and, if used according to their directions, have no harmful effects on us. On the flip side, independent research shows that even small amounts of chemicals absorbed through the skin can cause various medical conditions, especially in young children.

A child ingests, on average, four to five times more pesticides from foods than an adult, and this can lead to disease later on in the child’s life. These incidents are virtually eliminated when the food is grown organically.

3. Less harm is caused to the environment. Chemicals and toxins are often washed into our waterways, causing death to the wildlife that lives there. Organic gardening practices help to keep the environment safe for future generations of wildlife and humans alike.

4.Organic farming practices help prevent the loss of topsoil through erosion. The Soil Conservation Service says that an estimated thirty billion tons of soil erodes from United States farmlands every year.

5. A simple mulch of pine needles will help to suppress the growth of weeds as well as keeping the moisture in.

6. Cost savings. You do not not need to buy expensive chemical fertilizers and pesticides when gardening organically. Many organic recipes for the control of pests and plant diseases come straight from the kitchen cupboard and other garden waste.

7. In some cases, other plants can be grown as companions to the main crop. An example of this is the marigold, which helps to repel aphids from fruit and vegetables.

8. Mixing one cup of cooking oil with one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap can make a cheap garden pest spray. Put three tablespoons of this mixture in one quart of water and spray on the plants.

Organic gardening is a worthwhile endeavour and the more people who practice it, the better for our environment and over-all well-being. When we garden organically, we are taking from nature and giving back all at the same time.


Organic gardening is a extremely enjoyable hobby and it is highly rewarding too. Not only you’re able to enjoy just almost the exact same activities you would do in the event you have a flower garden, you may also enjoy the advantages of saving a great deal out of your every day meals budget simply because the meals you generally had to buy in the market is proper there in your extremely own yard.

One particular way that you simply can assure yourself of obtaining your labors great gain from planting crops in your backyard is by doing for what will offer your crops good growth.

Great gardening is not confined to only ding the typical stuff this kind of as watering and keeping away weeds and pests out of your crops. You are able to extend your energy by having a compost pile. This, when formulated well may be a good alternative to provide on your crops health needs. The usual compost pile needs a very long time before it gets ready to be utilized. For speeding up the procedure, a compost accelerator is exactly what you will need.

You are able to find so several ads about products which you can purchase and location within the compost pile to be among the many matter you need for your compost accelerator. Actually, you don’t really possess the need to make any purchase to come up with a great compost accelerator because you will find some really good compost supplies which you can readily have from your house plus your yard.

The extremely component that really helps you come up with usable compost within the shortest time could be the formulation of the compost supplies in great designated quantities in order to place then in your compost keeper or compost bin, together with the added unswerving attention and effort you exert to maintain the compost in great situation.

What gets a compost working quick to become actually be useful, could be the right nitrogen and carbon ratio present inside it. You can easily place in good sources of those in your compost as resources their resources can effortlessly be found inside your kitchen and your yard. Good carbon sources would be your yard and backyard clippings, fallen leaves and branches, tree debris, also scrap paper. Good nitrogen sources would usually be meals leftovers particularly from legumes, utilized coffee beans and greatest of all individuals you can acquire from the barn like horse and chicken dung. Before placing them in, it could be a great thing within the speeding up process to keep these things in tiny pieces before performing the mix.

The best ratio of these two vitamins would be a single part of nitrogen to three components carbon. This ratio permits efficient microorganism feeding which will provide your little pals the ample power they might need to get their small bodies working within the compost to hurry things up in your case.

Another group of compost buddies can be additional in to the compost and this time, they’re they wiggly ones-red worms. They will do you the favor of eating the supplies your had placed within the compost all of which will ooze them out on their other finish as readily usable compost matter.

However, you might have a truly great operate force inside your compost bin- thanks to your tiny and squirmy pals, additionally you have the need to do some thing and help them out by making sure that their atmosphere is really a comfy one for them. Comfort for these creatures would require ample moisture and temperature. You are able to keep the compost moist by watering it to a moist level and you can even out the temperature distribution in the compost by mixing it at least once in every two days. Stirring also give the compost a dose of oxygen that will surely spare you with the stale scent it could probably radiate.

Your little friends are highly very sensitive to ill modifications within their atmosphere so even the slightest change inside the environments pH level will significantly have an effect on them inside a bad way and thus, it is best that you don’t place anything acidic or that will turn acidic in the compost like milk products, peelings form citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. Also, refrain from putting materials which are not all easily degradable like bones, chemical treated wooden and paper clippings- right after all microbes and worms do not have teeth to churn them.

Provided that you simply have followed thru the above stated plus and bit more of maintenance work, there’s but so a lot a well-formulated compost accelerator can do you can your crops. Also simply because it follows that your materials in the compost accelerator are naturally derived ones, you are able to be confident that your crops are not just in good form but they are secure as well.


Poulan Lawn Mowers are made by a reputed brand name. Poulan designs and produces outdoor power equipments such as leaf blowers, chainsaws and Poulan Lawn Mowers. These tools for your gardening or farming are intended for the mid-level consumer area. The small tractors are designed especially for your convenience to trim the grass from your backyard, lawns, etc.

Puolan lawn mowers are engineered with a 22 horse power engine and the 46 inch broad cutting deck. This deck is enhanced with deck wash feature. It has a hydrostatic pedal with fluid based transmission. A cruise control is located on the right front of this tractor. This very small tractor is the top notch riding lawn mower. You can choose the right type of mower for you from the wide range of Poulan products.

The most compact and commendable mowers are Poulan Lawn Tractor 42″, Poulan Lawn Tractor 19.5″ and Riding Lawn Mower with rear engine 26″. All the listed mowers have the ability to provide you long time services for your lawns. Poulan Lawn Tractors 42″ is a six speed lawn mower. Some factors such as the twin blade, stamped steel Deck, steel channel, and step-through pattern make it an extra deserving for your lawn. It also comprises additional dual-bin bagger. It is well planned to carry out backward mowing.

One more model that is very popular is Poulan P012530LT 30 inch with 12.5 horse power engine. This model comprises of three speed transmission and 1.5 gallon fuel tank that are sufficient for your long mowing activity. The tyres are large enough to balance your action. The front tyres are 13 inch and rear tyres are 16 inches wide.

Model number P015538LT in Poulan tractor has 38 inches wide mower deck. It is manufactured from durable thick gauge steel and includes five speed transmissions. You can adjust your own moving space while mowing your lawn. The basic structure of standard step-through enables you to get on and off the machine.

There are many consumers who had a starting problem with the riding lawn mower, but it was resolved once they had let some air out of the tyres. The assembling is quite easy as you just have to fix the steering wheel. The best part you can get started immediately after the assembling as it already contains the oil, just pour gasoline and start on.

It is embellished with a neutral key position that is helpful to activate in order to cut during reverse riding. You can also set a handbrake and leave the mower in running state, this helps a lot while you get off for something else. Hence, Poulan riding lawn mowers are enough to evaluate its longevity and the best way to mower your lawn in an ineffective way.

Puolan Front drive push lawn mower is one more replica that is also a very inexpensive way to your lawn mowing. This model is self propelled and well adjusted with a 625 series Briggs and Stratton engine. The engine is inflated with 625 foot pounds of torque and the deck of 22 inches. The mowers are very dependable way to mower your lawn.


Hydroponics gardening method is becoming popular throughout the world due to its faster growth rate and high productivity. In hydroponics gardening systems, plants are placed in a growing medium rather than soil. This gardening technique uses mineral nutrient solutions as growing medium to enhance the plant growth. Usually, nutrient solution consists of minerals such as perlite, gravel or mineral wool. Since, it provides the essential minerals for the plants directly; there is a 50% faster growth than traditional cultivation using soil.

Essential nutrients that are available in growing medium boost the growth of plant within a short span of time and offers better yield. There are many benefits in making use of soilless agriculture technique such as indoor cultivation, better production, faster growth, easy maintenance, safe from most of the soil-borne diseases, eliminates the usage of pesticides and much more. Due to its numerous benefits, people are making use of hydroponics technique to cultivate plants.

Nowadays, farm lands are shrinking rapidly due to the faster evolution industrial age. So, cultivating plants indoor is gaining more popularity. A larger yield can be achieved within a small area using this soilless agriculture technique. Researches are also taking place continuously to improve the yield and growth of the plants. Another added advantage of hydroponics gardening system is that there is no wastage of water and indoor plants require less water for growth.

This gardening technique uses closed loop to re-circulate the water and hence, requires only a minimal amount of water than traditional cultivation. Since, it eliminates the usage of pesticides hydroponics gardening technique is safe to the environment. If you are trying the cultivate plants indoor using hydroponics technique then you need to know more about the equipment that are used for indoor cultivation.

Some important devices that are required for hydroponics gardening method are listed below:

Lighting system:

Proper grow lights are required for faster plant growth. Low lighting system may not trigger the growth of the plant even proper mineral nutrient solutions are provided. So, make use of hydroponic lighting technology to improve the yield.

Tent for indoor cultivation:

High quality hydroponics grow tents are required to improve the growth of plants. There are different types of tents available in the market, identifying the best one is the key to profitable indoor cultivation.

Proper aeration:

Aeration facilities must be provided for the plants to grow at faster rate.

Growing media and nutrients:

Growing media and nutrients must be provided properly to ensure faster growth and better yield.

These are some important factors that determine the rate of growth and yield of hydroponics gardening.